Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mr. Brady and Lots of Pictures

It's so hard for me to just pick a few pictures to post, so why not post them all.

We arrived home from the hospital on Tuesday, June 29. It was such a blessing to have the help of my mom when we arrived. It's strange to say, but I honestly could've stayed in the hospital for another week. It was kind of fun being able to relax and watch as much of the Food Network channel as I wanted and not feel guilty. It was also nice being able to order as much food as I wanted and enjoy the time with our new baby. Don't get me wrong, being home has been great also, just not as relaxing:) It's definitely better the second time around when you know more what to expect and have a little bit more confidence in what you're doing. We've already had quite a few sleepless nights. I don't know what it is about babies and sleeping at night, but it just doesn't work that well for us. At least we know the hard parts will pass and every stage is just a phase they go through.

On July 2nd, I got to celebrate my 26th birthday. My mom and I went out to Paradise Bakery that afternoon and then went to go see Eclipse after. We managed to do it all before Brady needed to be fed again. Tyler was a sweetheart letting me go out and enjoy myself. I probably looked funny wobbling everywhere I went, but I didn't care. That night my mom babysat and Tyler and I went to Cheesecake Factory and shopping to buy stuff for our house. All in all, it was a fantastic birthday...especially because Edward and Jacob could be apart of it:)

My mom sadly went home on July 9th and she has been greatly missed. It was so nice having her company and help. We miss you mom. Anyway, here are a few pictures of our little family.

Me and my boys

We prefer Kellen avoid the lips but he just can't resist.

Kellen stealing back his old carseat for a good read.

Brady's first bath.

My wonderful, gorgeous mother...who looks just like me:)

Brady getting rid of his jaunice and enjoying it.

Great eyebrow expressions, just like Kellen.

Kellen cannot enter or leave a room without giving Brady a kiss.

Tyler has been quite the handyman since he's been home. Here he is putting last minute touches in the babies room with Kellen helping him.

Being a mom is seriously the best thing ever. It is the hardest thing I will ever do but also the most rewarding. I am so blessed to have two healthy, handsome little boys and such a wonderful husband to raise them with.