Thursday, September 27, 2012

Diamondbacks Game

We took the boys to their first professional Diamondbacks game. It was really fun to see their excitement. They both love sports, and it was fun watching Tyler try to explain the game to them.

Sarah Palin

While Tyler was stuck at work, I had the neat opportunity to go meet Sarah Palin last month. Tyler's cousin is married to Kirk Adams, who is running for U.S. Congress here in AZ. Sarah Palin has been one of his big supporters and they had a big BBQ/Picnic just 15 min away from our house. The weather was 113 degrees outside, and we waited in line for an hour to get food, which Sarah and Kirk were serving. Needless to say we were very hot. About every 30 min the paramedics took someone away suffering from heat stroke. It was also a joy when Kellen had a meltdown after Sarah Palin shoved pork on top his roll. As a result, I had a security guard come help me carry my plates and screaming child to a picnic table, nice man. I did however get to say thank you to her and she said "you're welcome"...pretty cool huh. Anyway, the results of the ballots came in and unfortunately kirk lost by a mere 3%...big bummer. I attached a few pictures...kirk is the one in the blue shirt wearing the red apron, and Sarah is next to him.

Monday, September 17, 2012

UTAH!!! THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH...except for maybe Hawaii

In July we went to Utah and spent time with both Tyler's family and mine. It was non-stop fun from dawn until dusk. These pictures are from our time spent with my side of the family. These trips are what keep me going throughout the year. They also keep me from going insane living in a different state away from everyone. I look forward to them sooo much, that I almost hate the trip actually arriving, because when it's over, it means one less thing to look forward depressing is that. Go-cart time with uncle Cameron
Cousins reunited at the movie theater.
Wearing a hat my dad made for his little primary class on Sunday.
Cuddles with Grandma.
The Grand kids opening a special present from Grandma and Grandpa.
All the Scott Grand kids in their annual swimming photo at Alta Canyon...the pool I grew up swimming at.
Just takin it easy
Mom and sisters having some girl time.
Visiting the school where I taught 2nd grade.
Slip'n slide
Getting warm before lunch.
Acting silly at Jungle Jim's.
The best ride is anything with a steering wheel.
The 4 of us.
Playing tick-tock with Great-gramps at his b-day party. I love this man.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Swim Lessons

One of the wonderful things about living in Arizona, is they have great pools. Kellen did a class all by himself this year, while I did a mommy and me class with Brady. It was so fun to see them progress and learn new things. Brady was hilarious...he loved playing in the water, but usually after 15 min he was shivering and begging to go get his towel. Kellen's big achievement was learning how to put his head under the water and dive for things.