Monday, September 28, 2009

Ray Family Picture

The Ray family picture taken on the beach in California.

Not So Bad After All

I know many children are afraid of the vacuum, but Kellen isn't just afraid, he's terrified of it and has been ever since he was born. For the past couple of months he's clued in to where I keep it and he won't go anywhere near the closet without running away or crying. However, out of the blue last week, I had the closet open and he was very curious. Of course he was very timid at first but warmed up quickly and even got up the courage to touch it. Apparently it's not so bad after all. It might be a different story when I actually have to turn the scary beast on again, but until then, Kellen and the vacuum are friends.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cali trip for Jared and Tamara's Wedding

Our trip to California was one of adventure, memories, laughs, fatigue, and illness. We had the pleasure of staying at Tyler's parents home in gorgeous Santa Barbara, California. We were staying at their home with all of Tyler's siblings, their wives, and children. It was great being all together but a little cramped at times, especially in a house with no AC and a bathroom with plumbing issues. No joke, the bathroom flooded several times while we were there, eventually causing us to vacate the house for a day.
On Saturday, the wedding day, we awoke at 3:00 a.m. to drive four hours to the San Diego Temple. It was definitely a trip of closeness and bonding as Tyler's entire family drove down in a 15 passenger van. The kids stayed home with Devon and Katelyn (Tyler's siblings) for the day so we could all enjoy the day peacefully. They watched 9 kids in total and did a great job. We made it to the temple for the 9:00 sealing and it was wonderful. The temple was amazing and even better in person. We took pictures and then had a delicious lunch and jumped back in the van to head back to Santa Barbara to get ready for the reception that night. We arrived back just in time to get kids ready and out the door to the reception that night. It was a beautiful reception. It all went so quick, I wish I could go back and enjoy it all over again.
I had so much fun getting to know Tyler's side of the family better. We went through a lot that week and really bonded. We had so many fun conversations and good times. I'm not going to lie, it was a crazy week but well worth it for Jared and Tamara. We even managed to get in a quick trip to the beach before Kellen and I came down with the flu. In fact, everyone got sick on the trip except for three. Needless to say, we're glad to be home and getting some much needed rest. I will never forget this trip, with all the good and bad that came along with it:)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jared and Tamara's wedding

The time has finally arrived, Tyler's brother Jared and his fiance Tamara are getting married this Saturday in the San Diego temple. Tonight we get to pack our bags and tomorrow we take off for California. We have been looking forward to this for months because this will be the first time everyone in Tyler's family has been all together for who knows how long. You know it's been forever when you have nieces and nephews running around who you haven't even met yet. It will actually be the entire families first time meeting Jared's fiance, Tamara. Hope she likes us:) Anyway, while I'm soaking up the sun in California, enjoy whatever you're doing.haha Actually, there is supposed to be a hurricane headed for California's coast, so we'll probably have lots of rain:( Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone.

Also, good luck to BYU playing Oklahoma this Saturday in Texas. We wanted so badly to go to the game but unfortunately we'll be cheering from California.