Monday, July 21, 2008

Cockroaches In Texas...I think I'll Move Now

So Tyler and I walked into the babies room/den last night to use our computer and we saw the biggest cockroach we've ever seen. I was freaking out and had to leave the room but once I got myself under control I came back in to help Tyler look for it. He told me to wait while he went out to the car to get a flash light. While he was gone, of course it came out again and then hid right when he walked back in. After Tyler's extreme dedication, he was able to push it out of the shelves with his flip flop. He chased it around the room a couple times until he finally killed it right by the babies crib...disgusting. I'm so lucky to have such a brave husband. We're just hoping there isn't more. There is no way our baby is sleeping with cockroaches. So to capture Tyler's triumphant victory we had to get it on picture, espcially being flushed down the toilet. I hope nobody is afraid to visit us now.hehe

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July

Emma and Kendall (My brother and sister-in-law) invited us to Waco for the 4th of July to have a bbq and watch fireworks. We went to Bailor College to watch the fireworks and we were pretty entertained most of the time by there two active little boys (James and Harrison) who had never been up that late before. The fireworks were awesome and we had great seats...which Tyler and I just bought from Waltmart. It's great not sitting on the ground anymore:D

My Birthday!!

My 24th b-day was on July 2nd and my cute friend Christie made me a delicious carrot cake. We also went out to eat at the yummy Cheese Cake Factory with our friends Christie, James, Joey, and Clarke. Tyler also surprised me the next day with a beautiful rocking chair. What a great birthday!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our new furniture

Tyler and I are excited about our new furniture. Thank goodness I was able to work a lot last year so we could save up for it! The bed set takes up most of the room, but it sure is pretty! Tyler's hat is sitting on the post. We're most proud of the entertainment center... we bought it used and the people we bought it from took the whole thing apart, every last screw. It only took us five hours to put it back together! (without directions)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer Fun

My mom, sisters and I all try to do a fun girls trip to St. George each year. It was especially fun and sad this time because I new it would be my last fun trip with them before Tyler and I moved to Texas. My sister Laura wasn't able to make it because she was about to have a baby girl any day. We had a blast though playing around the pool and shopping around the outlets. We went to a movie and ate way too much food:D Reese (Charlotte's baby) was so good the entire weekend. She loved swimming in the pool and giggled and smiled almost the entire trip. I also got the chance to take my other neice and nephew swimming before Tyler and I left. I love this picture because Reese is thinking about how yummy her hands look, Owen is trying to be the Incredible Hulk and Gwen is chewing on something and obviously distracted. Sooo cute!!!

My Classroom

These are my two wonderful second grade classes. I taught two classes because they would rotate between me and Maestra Prescott every other week. I taught English and she taught them in Spanish. The program is called dual immersion which means the kids who don't know any English will pick it up quicker if they are slowly immersed in it, same goes for the kids learning Spanish. It was a fun yet challenging year and I feel like I grew in so many ways. I'm a little sad because the picture above is missing half the kids. It was the last day of school so lots of students were absent.