Sunday, August 29, 2010

2 Months

Weight 14.08 lbs = 95%
Height 23 in = 50%
Head Circumference 15 1/2 in = 25%

Monday, August 23, 2010

Big Shoes and Counting

While reading his Dora the Explorer book the other day, Kellen began counting the missing baskets on the last page. Tyler and I were in complete shock. Of course it wasn't perfect, but it was pretty close. So, I guess Dora really does teach him things. I don't feel so guilty now for letting him watch an episode every day:)

...don't worry, he watches more than one episode of something a's survival time.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hair Cut

Tyler and I cut it today with an electric trimmer. He cried the entire time. We would remind him how cute his hair looked throughout the day, and what a good boy he was, and he would always reply with "I cry". It was very traumatic for him. I love how much bigger it makes his blue eyes look. Hopefully he won't sweat as much now in this Arizona heat.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lovin Life

Alright, I have some time for an update, Kellen is playing in our bathtub (don't worry, no water is in there) and the baby is sleeping....

Tyler and I were very adventurous four weeks after Brady arrived and decided to head to Utah for a visit/family reunion. His family was having a reunion in Hanna, Utah and mine were dying to see Brady, so we made the 10 hr drive. It was a little challenging but Dora the Explorer was a life saver. The first day was Pioneer Day and we had an awesome BBQ and firework show with my family. The next day Tyler took Kellen up to the family reunion campground. I was a little nervous Tyler camping with little Kellen, but Tyler has no fear. I debated wether I should join them, and decided to for a night. The only reason I accepted was because I got to stay in a cabin. It was fun to see everyone and enjoy the mountain air. Kellen did fairly well camping but did have some challenging moments, mostly because he didn't have any toys to play with there. When I returned home, I enjoyed spending more time with my family. It was a great trip.

Kellen and his cousins
Kellen with his face painted
A toy Kellen managed to steal from his uncle Josh.

Our friend Gina and her two twin girls. She named them Chloe and Charlotte after my sister and I. How cool is that.

Brady Update - Brady is absolutely wonderful and so hadsome, I just want to kiss his chubby cheeks all day. He is so darn cute, but does not like to sleep much during the day. He loves to be held all day and as soon as you put him down he starts crying. He has a little problem with acid reflex which makes it difficult for him to sleep. I seem to have hard babies for the first few months, so we're looking forward to some calmer days. It can definitely be challenging having a toddler still so dependant on you and a new baby but we're trying to enjoy every minute. I love being a new mom.
Chubby boy:)

Kellen Update - Kellen is talking so much lately. He rambles off words and phrases that have Tyelr and I laughing on the ground. He is obsessed with Brady and has only tried hitting him a couple times, which isn't too bad when you think about it. He smothers him with kisses still and loves putting his face in his and screaming HI BABY over and over. He can have his challenging moments also with a new baby and can throw quite a few tantrums each day, but we're working on a new time out method and learning how to be a good boy. Love him.
When you don't keep your eye on him, this is what happens.
What a great picture.

Tyler Update - Tyler is still off work. Yes, that's right, don't feel bad for me, My husband has had a grand 12 week maternity leave paid in full. I have been so lucky to have him home and it has been really fun. He is a hard worker and has been busy fixing up our house, painting, and tons of other things. He is such a good help and I think we've decided to have antoher baby next year so he can get 12 weeks off again...Haha, Yeah Right...tempting though.