Monday, June 29, 2009


What could be better?

When I give Kellen a bath he could care less about his bath toys, all he wants to do is stand and play with the faucet. I don't know what is so intriguing about it. I guess it's the part that goes up and down. Even when it's not bath time he wants to crawl in and play with it.

Like mother like son. I have many pictures of me as a baby standing at the fridge pullig things out of it. It's nice having something to keep him busy while I make dinner.

Look it's that carrot again mom, I found it.

Haha, pure excitement.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Perfect Treat

I found the perfect little snack for Kellen today. He was chewing on my orange peel earlier and I noticed he had taken big bites out of it...yuck. I'm sure an orange peel is nutritious but it doesn't seem edible to me. He screamed when I took it away so I peeled a carrot and he's never been happier. Isn't it the best when you find something that keeps them entertained for more than a couple minutes?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Six Teeth

This week has been tuff for this little boy. Not only has he had six teeth coming in at once, he's had a bad cold. Hopefully these teeth will give him a little break soon before more decide to arrive.

Playing with my shoes is one of Kellen's simple pleasures in life, what could be better?

I know Kellen won't appreciate this picture when he's older but I couldn't resist. Does every mother think their baby has the cutest bum, or is it just me? Don't worry, while I was putting the camera away he peed on the floor...oops.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Check out those blue eyes and dimples

This little boy hates having his face cleaned after eating, can you tell?

A day in the life of Kellen

Sneaking into the bathroom to play with this awesome white thing for the seventh time today.

Reading my books

Holding hands with my stuffed animal. Can you see my new tooth, it's painful.

Slowly waking up from a long nap and crossing my legs like dad.

Wearing my new Manchester United outfit from Uncle Sam and Aunt Lacey. Thank you.

Tyler's Haircut

So Tyler got tired of spending a fortune on haircuts so he went and bought some clippers. To my surprise, he wanted me to cut it. We were both very nervous and must have talked about how a proper hair cut is done for about an hour. We then moved to the bathroom and discussed it again and then I began. He walked me through it and I did really well. Near the end I messed up a little by cutting the front too short. At that point, he took over and was able to hide my mistake. I wish we had taken a before picture but we didn't. I'm glad I made it through this monumentous occasion without bursting into was close one:D I can't wait until he needs another one so I can perfect my skills.

Fun with family

Tyler's brother Kendall and his wife Emma are living 30 mintues away for the summer and we're so excited. We had them over last weekend for a BBQ and swimming.