Monday, November 24, 2008

Okay, so I know all I post is pictures of Kellen but it's just too much fun. The last couple weeks have been awesome as Kellen has started smiling and talking back to us. Tyler of course had to try a hat on him that was way too big...doesn't he look like a little gangsta:D Uhh, I could just eat him up!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Four Weeks Old

If you can tell from this picture, Kellen has started to go bald on the top of his head. Tyer keeps saying that he looks like George off Seinfeld. He has long dark hair all around the sides and then it's completely bald on top. It looks funny yet very cute.
So, Kellen hasn't been sleeping very well in his crib anymore so we've been trying the car seat. He did very well in it last night. Isn't his double chin cute.

Tyler and I have been very upset because he hates his binki and will scream and wiggle uncontrollably to get it out of his mouth. However, last night and today he decided he liked it. We are sooooo excited because it totally relaxes him. He played on the floor last night for two hours with it in his mouth. Of course it falls out every 5 minutes but he loves it for the time being.

I took Kellen on a walk today and he was soooo good. He just looked around and was so content and happy. It's been a total change from the past four days of him being moody and grumpy nearly all day.

Oh, the joy of long nights rocking Kellen to sleep. I'm so happy to say that last night he only woke up twice and them went straight back to bed. Isn't it amazing what a good nights sleep can do for you.


Unfortunately Kellen is too tiny so we didn't take him trick-or-treating. We decided to have a fun night in. We ordered Chili's take-out, watched The Incredible Hulk, and carved pumpkins. I can't wait until we can take him trick-or-treating, it will be so fun. Plus, I need someone to steal candy from:D I'm obsessed with candy and really miss the days when I went trick-or-treating. I think my candy only lasted me about a week though. It's a wonder I don't have any cavities. As you can tell, Kellen was having a wonderful time.