Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Standing and Gum

Brady will be 8 months old this week...I cannot believe it. He has been crawling for some time now, but he just recently discovered how to stand and pull himself up on everything. He only enjoys playing while standing now. If he can't stand, he'll find a place he can. He's taken a couple spills down the stairs, but we caught him before he went too far. We now have a baby gate up to give us some peace of mind. He'll definitely be walking before we know it.

In other news, Kellen has entered the dreaded terrible twos. We keep thinking we've been in it for awhile, and then we find out how much worse it can get. He has now decided that he does not enjoy Brady as much as we thought. He cannot be in the same room with him without throwing, pushing, or hitting him. I don't blame him, Brady is constantly at his feet trying to climb on him and take his toys. He definitely enjoyed him more when he couldn't move. Although he makes dozens of trips to the time-out chair each day we still love him and are trying patiently to deal with this new phase. Here is a picture of me finding all my gum opened and inside Kellen's mouth...he loves gum:)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines

I made Tyler a Valentines dinner when he got home from work. It involved a pot roast with rolls and a salad. Dessert consisted of pudding inside a chocolate bowl constructed from a balloon...got the idea from melskitchencafe.com (check it out) It was delicious! Kellen especially enjoyed it:) The best part was Tyler giving me a dozen red roses, chocolates, an awesome Twilight card that had personal words from Edward and Jacob, and best of all TWO TICKETS TO HAWAII!!!!!! I can't even think straight. I am sooooooooooo freakin excited. Thank you Tyler!

The boys Valentine sent to loved ones far away

All my amazing gifts:)

Chocolate covered cutie

Hot husband

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Walking With New Appreciation

We're glad to say that the Doc gave the okay for Tyler to walk again (with the boot on). It has been a trying couple of months for Tyler after he had surgery to repair years of damage from sport related injuries. He's used this scooter-lookin thing to get around and has done it gracefully and skillfully. It has been a little challenging for me aswell as I've had to take on most of his responsibilities, such as taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn, etc. However, this post isn't about me, so I'll move on. He has been confined to a chair most of the time and has to hop up and down stairs and transfer to crutches when needed. The kids have enjoyed the rides around the house, and we've tried to make the most of being homebound most weekends. Kellen has even learned how to ride his toy like a scooter. We are glad he's healed relatively quickly and things at our house are returning back to normal. Tyler now has a new lease on life and we both feel extremely motivated to exercise and loose some weight...wish us luck.

Look at that battle wound.

Kellen riding around like dad

Grilling burgers in style