Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back to July

July was such a splendid month. The first weekend in July we went up to Pine, AZ. and played at the cabin. The cabin is nice escape from the heat, although it does get pretty hot up there during the day, the nights are very pleasant. The boys love playing outside and getting good and dirty. They also love playing on the huge swings outside. Tyler and I enjoy those too. We also found a fun place to swim.
My birthday was on a Monday, so Tyler brought home Rumbi's and some yummy cheesecake after work. After putting the boys to bed, we watched a redbox. It wasn't anything too extravagant, but sometimes those are the best bithdays. Anything that allows me to kick up my feet and gets me out of making dinner is what I call fun:) I also treated myself to a cute swimsuit.
The boys have spent a good amount of time playing in their awesome kiddie pool in the backyard. (Ignore the awful looking yard, we've worked on it since)
The 4th of July we went and watched fireworks at a highschool. We got there early and the boys spent most of the time wrestling and running away from us. However, when their baby cousin showed up, they were mesmerized. We went back to our house after and ate rice krispie treats and set off a few of our own fireworks in the street.