Monday, January 23, 2012

Family Pictures

My amazing sister-in-law Michelle took these pictures over Christmas break for us. We were thrilled with how wonderful they turned out, especially because they were last minute and we threw on whatever clothes we had. The boys were super happy and they couldn't have turned out better. Thanks Michelle!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Back to Thanksgiving

Does it freak anyone else out how quickly the months have been going by? The fact that's it already the middle of January seems unreal to me. I have lots I need to post about, so here goes the first one...Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving was wonderful with my younger brother Cameron here. He arrived on a Tuesday, and left the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving week was soooo much fun! He's always said how much he loves Arizona and wants to live here some day. Considering the fact that he's never been to Arizona before seemed a little strange for him to being saying things like that, but I'm glad he was so enthusiastic about coming to visit. We took the chance to show him around and make sure Arizona lived up to his ideal.

We took him to see Tempe Town Lake and the ASU Campus. We also took him down Main Street and to see the temple lights. One night I took him to the San Tan Mall with the boys where he bought an ASU shirt. In addition, we ate at Cafe Rio and Pete's Fish and Chips. He also hung out with his mission buddies at our house one night too. It was really fun to catch up, chat about girls, and watch him play with Brady and Kellen. They absolutely loved having him around and were so excited to see him every morning. I feel bad because I actually woke him up early one morning just so they could play with him.

Thanksgiving day was so nice and relaxing. We went to the park, snacked, and watched a movie. We had a nice dinner with just us, and then later that night we had Tyler's brothers and their families over for dessert. It was such a quick trip, and we were really sad to see him go. I hope he does move here one day. He is hilarious and made us laugh all week. He is going to make a girl very happy some day. But until then, he's having fun attending school, earning money, and living the single life. I love him so much and am so blessed to have such an outstanding individual as my brother.

The poor guy was so exhausted from college, combined with entertaining two wild boys.

Visiting Tempe Town Lake

Reading scriptures together.

San Tan Mall

Checking the hotties on facebook I'm sure.

Sporting his new ASU shirt and our delicious Thanksgiving feast.

The dashing butcher and his hungry and overly excited wife.

I don't want to brag, but we brined our turkey this year and it was pretty much the most amazing turkey ever.

Sharpening their knives for the first slice of turkey.

Adorable child 1

Adorable child 2

The End.