Thursday, March 21, 2013

Living and Loving Life

Picture overload I know, but I just wanted to share my favorite pictures of boys from 6 months or so. It is needless to say that these boys keep me on my toes. They are constantly busy, and getting into everything. There is NEVER a dull moment. At times it is absolutely exhausting, but I love it. In the moment, many things don't seem funny, but when you look back on them, they sure do put a smile on your face.

Christmas Flash Back

We're going clear back to Christmas here. We had the wonderful opportunity to spend it with my side of the family it Utah this year. It was absolutely wonderful. We had such a great time seeing Christmas lights, playing with family and friends, eating yummy food, and partying.

AZ Cousins

It's hard not living close to my side of the family. However, it sure is nice to have some of Tyler's family living close by. The boys get a chance to see their cousins and play with them from time to time, which they absolutely love. We went and visited the train park with all of them not to long ago. We also have had the chance to babysit their twin cousins and big sister a few times also. Hooray for cousins!

Yummy Medicine

A fun little episode we had a few months ago, was when we woke up one morning to find an empty bottle of children’s cough and runny nose medicine on the boys bathroom floor. An hour after finding it, Brady fell into a deep sleep on our bed. I called poison control and she told us to take him to the hospital so they could do a test to measure how much acetaminophen was in his system. We took him in a few hours later, when she told us too, and we ended up waiting forever to see someone. He was very dazed and had huge pupils. He was talking a lot of nonsense too, but by the time we saw the doctor, we knew he would be perfectly fine. We almost wished we hadn’t come…especially when we found out the bill would be $2,500. We are so glad he’s alright though, and I have learned my lesson to never keep cough medicine in the bathroom cabinet, even if it does have a child-proof lid.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Family Photos

We finally had all the family together and were able to take some family pictures. We had such a wonderful Christmas in Utah. I wish we could go back and do it all over again.