Thursday, September 30, 2010

The latest and greatest

We had the most wonderful week in Utah for my little brother Cameron's homecoming. We played and played some more. It was awesome finally having my entire family all together again. Cameron had never met Kellen or Brady before, so it was bittersweet seeing him meet them for the first time. Cameron is truly incredible, and I am in awe at his hard work and perseverance in bringing the gospel to so many people. I look up to him so much and hope I can follow his example.

All the Scott grandkids. Kellen has not stopped talking about them ever since we returned home. They are all best friends.

Greeting him at the airport.

This was my favorite picture we took at the Zoo. Kellen just resting his hand on Brady's head.hehe

Enjoying Sconecutter after the Real soccer game.

Real Soccer game. They tied in the last two minutes of the game, it was awesome!

Enjoying the pool.

Going to see Reese in her ballet class...what a cutie.

In the moutains, my absolute favorite time of the year in Utah. Yes, my sister-in-law is wearing high heels, and yes I am very short.

Monday, September 13, 2010

You Are My Sunshine

As soon as Kellen goes to sleep, Tyler and I talk about all the funny things he's done that day. He is a constant ball of energy from sun up to sun down. Wether it's finding his beautiful artwork on the wall, catching him playing in the sprinklers, or walking around in my high heels, He always brightens up our day.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Brady's Baby Blessing

We were pleasantly surprised when Tyler's family told us they would be coming to Arizona for Brady's baby blessing. It was great to have them, especially because we finally have a place they can stay.
The day was wonderful, Tyler gave him a wonderful Priesthood blessing. After church, we came back and had a big family dinner with everyone. It was a quick trip for them, but filled with lots of good conversations, an awesome BYU game, and yummy food.

Here is the handsome Mr. Brady. My mom surpised us with a blessing outfit for him in the mail, however, it didn't fit. I had to take it back to the distribution center and get the bigger 3-6 month size. Yeah, he's only two months old, he's a big boy.

Trying to get a good picture of Brady and Kellen. Yes, it didn't work out so well. Poor little Brady, I love his crying face.

Family Picture

Grandma (Tyler's Mother)

Tyler's Grandparents in the middle. His parents, and brother Devon are to the Left behind the couch. Jason (Tyler's brother), his wife Edythe and they're three kids on the right. Kellen was sleeping. Thank you all for coming.