Thursday, June 28, 2012

Brady Turns Two

Brady turned two yesterday. Daddy was out of town for the week because of work (He's really only been 45 min away), so we were going to do most of the celebrating on the weekend. However, around 6:00 p.m. we got a knock on the door, and to our pleasant surprise, Tyler was able to get away from his conference for the evening so we could celebrate. He bought a delicious chocolate cake and a few unexpected presents for Brady...a T-Ball set and a kiddie pool. (My Favorite Picture)
Earlier that afternoon I gathered some friends and family at the local pool for a little swimming party. We had a blast. There's nothing better than swimming in 115 degree weather. Brady and Kellen did awesome in the pool. They've learned so much from swim lessons, it's made them a little too confident in the water. Thanks to everyone who came, we had a great time.
Yes, he did indeed touch the flame just then. That pretty much ended the party. His finger blistered up pretty nice and he cried the rest of the evening in pain. Next time we'll remember to tell him no touching. Apparently we thought a two year old already knew that...duh.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


A few weeks ago, we went with some family up to Tyler's Grandpa's cabin for the weekend. We took the boys fishing which was quite an adventure. The lake we traveled to didn't have any beach, so we pretty much had to find a cliff we could sit on. It was very scary trying to keep the boys reined in and away from the edge. Not to mention that to get to our actual spot we had to climb down a very steep slope. Tyler told me to wait for him, but being my confident self, I thought I thought I could do it on my own. So I lifted Brady on my back and began the decent down. Minutes later we ended up falling and I crushed the poor little guy under me and thought I broke my wrist. After we were rescued from Tyler, and wiped away our tears, we made it to a gorgeous cave where we had a breathtaking view of the lake. I'm so glad we actually caught a fish, it made the trip worthwhile. It was very exciting, if you can't tell from my boisterous voice in the video below.

Fishing Video

I can sew again!!

I know, it's cute right? I was pretty proud of myself for making this I have to admit. I took a sewing class in highschool and loved it. However, I haven't touched a sewing machine since. A couple years ago my husband bought me a sewing machine for Christmas. I was sooo excited but extremely intimidated, being that highschool was that last time I had touched one. Well, after two years of it sitting in it's box in my closet, I finally took it out. My sister-in-law gave me a refresher course on how to turn it on, thread it, and basically use it. I did attempt making some burp cloths before this and they were a disaster. I didn't quit though, and with help from a sweet girl in my ward and a lot of effort, I made this car-seat cover all by my myself. It feels nice to accomplish something and resurrect a skill I once enjoyed.