Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Last year, my brother Sam and his wife Lacey came to visit us for Thanksigiving in Texas. This year we got to go visit them in Kansas City, Mo. We left Wednesday and returned Sunday. It was such a fun trip, packed with so many great things. We had an awesome Thanksgiving day and Lacey and I pulled off another delicious feast. The four days consisted of eating, movies, crafts, shopping, church history sites, and much more. I hate how trips with family go so quickly, but we're excited because they'll be coming our way again in January. Thanks so much Sam and Lacey for the wonderful trip. The only downside was the journey to and from where we discovered that Kellen gets car sick. He threw-up both on the drive there and back, but we still love him. We'll just make sure to have a bowl ready next time. Traveling and us just don't seem to go together very well these days, but we're working on it.
It was so cold on Thanksgiving day. We went for a walk by a beautiful lake before preparing our Thanksgiving meal. Kellen was very snug in his stroller but wouldn't sit for very long.

Playing in the leaves
Adam-ondi-ahman -
Kellen with his gorgeous Aunt Lacey
Kellen marveling that beautiful red hair
What an attractive threesome
Far West
Liberty Jail
This was the Community of Christ church that was accross the street from the LDS visitors center. Very interesting looking wouldn't you say?
Lacey and I put up and decorated her Christmas tree the last night. It was so much fun. And yes, I always look like a midget standing next to her.
We celebrated Tyler's 27th B-Day after we returned home. Wow, 27!!!
Kellen enjoying Tyler's 1st present

It snowed the day after we got TEXAS. There was more snow but it melted before I got around to taking a picture


Sam and Lacey said...

So fun! I seriously can't wait for Thanksgiving 2010!!!!!

Your comment about looking like a midget next to me made me laugh out loud - but it is kind of true. And I don't know why??? You aren't THAT short, and I'm not THAT tall. I wonder why our height looks so drastically different in pictures????

Love you girl! See you in January....

Linds Forrest said...

Oh Chloe you are so funny. You do not look like a midget. But that comment was funny! Sounds like a great Thanksgiving!